It is now just over a month since I wrote on the discovery and recovery of my very own rose which I christened ‘Cascade’; read about it here. It has been growing away merrily and last week, after not looking at the plant for 4 days, I discovered 3 tiny buds on the stem which was no more than an expanding eye when last I photographed it. Talk of a willing little rose! Now I check on it daily… expect a bloom pic soon!



  1. So cool, Jack. I seem to remember you thought this might be a native rose? That or one of your (or your neighbor’s) roses has found some critter able and willing to spread its seed. The bloom will provide an interesting clue.

    • Hi Mark. Native it aint – for we there are no Rosa indigenous to SA. My guess is the seed washed down, rather than being brought by a bird, but who knows… The flower (from the original find) makes me suspect the parent is ‘Ballerina’, a robust rose which grows here from cuttings, and is thus all over the show. But it is the growth habit and floriferousness that I’m dying to see! It will have to be stunning to beat ‘Ballerina’…

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