Rudbeckias and Agapanthus inapertus along Alfred's Arches s

After 63mm and counting of steady rain overnight, this is the best I can do for now with this week’s topic: the rudbeckias and wild Agapanthus inapertus flanking Alfred’s Arches. More importantly, it is one of the first (and remarkably poor) pics taken with my new SLR camera, a Canon 1000D. I finally succumbed and am on the road to ruin: it was a very good price, but I am already shopping for macro and telephoto lenses… This was taken in low light from the veranda very early yesterday morning, the only time I’ve had so far to play. Below is an even more severe crop of the photo. An unkind test of a new camera – and I realise how much I have to relearn about REAL photography: it is 15 years since I last used a SLR with any regularity…

Rudbeckias and Agapanthus inapertus


4 thoughts on “THIS WEEK IN MY GARDEN: JAN11 WEEK3

  1. Jack, I keep promising myself I’m going to learn how to use the full capabilities of my digital SLR. Canon even has an on-line set of tutorials for mine, but I somehow never quite make the time. So mostly I use it in automatic mode. I have learned, though, that I often have trouble getting the camera to focus on what I want to focus on and that switching from automatic focus to manual focus is a good idea. Have fun with your new toy. -Jean

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