Sunset Dec31st

An unusual sunset to mark the end of the last day of 2010, a portent of the cloudburst to come in which we measured 36mm in about half the number of minutes – and a rather wet dawn to 2011, followed by a day of alternating drizzle and sunny patches. The dramatically wet trunk of the largest of the bluegums goes into the files for a post on this ultimate of garden fullstops, to come soon.

Tall bluegum - Jan first A busy holiday season is drawing to an end, with my father visiting for most of it; Louis, my partner, here from Johannesburg for 5 weeks with his ‘clever’ arm in a tight sling recuperating from an operation to re-attach the arm muscles to the shoulder; 8 people to Christmas lunch and a picnic for 9 at Freddy’s Dam before lucky 13 to lunch on New Year’s Day. And several ‘off-site’ social events too, of course… The photo below I found on my camera after the picnic – yours truly caught in the act by one of the guests!

Picnic at Freddie's Dam

Along the way I tried to do a few hours work a day and I finally parted company with my foreman after several issues over the last 3 months (perhaps I should say 3 years) which resulted, directly and indirectly, in only two of a staff of six going into the new year with me. A time for new beginnings, for sure…

New year’s resolution? Efficiency. Time management. I will need both with a new foreman starting tomorrow, with a cottage to complete and start letting by March, and a tourism business to establish, with four classes instead of three at school and with my ongoing Rotary commitments…

May 2011 be a great year for all of us!!!


  1. Happy New Year, Jack; it sounds like it’s going to be a busy one for you. Good luck with the search for a new foreman. I must say I don’t envy you the four courses instead of three; I’m very much looking forward to two instead of three for the spring semester. -Jean

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