Matetzka in the garden s

Here we are on the 5th of December, and still I have not posted. But the academic year is over and the holiday season is upon us. 50mm in a magnificent storm on Friday night made me think of a watery pic this week, but I was not too happy with the photo of the weir at the Makou Dam. Mateczka’s expectant expression as she stood IN the flower garden at the beginning of a sunny walk late on Saturday won the day. With the penstemons coming into bloom, the Rosemary Border is doing exactly what I intended it to do – provide a long frame for the Makou Dam behind it, when seen from the house.


5 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: DECEMBER10 WEEK1

  1. She has her father’s frown, Helen, which makes her face very expressive. Cause of many a laugh… I teach English and also some Afrikaans at the local private school 10 minutes from Sequoia.

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