Crinum at the bottom end of Alfred's Arches

At the bottom end of Alfred’s Arches, up against the furthest part of the Upper Rosemary Border, grows Crinum macowanii. The mother plant came from near the river many years ago, off the part of the farm that now belongs to my cousin, and I remember from my youth a plant that had been taken to our Johannesburg garden. Such is the power of the River Lily…

Crinum macowanii It is a robust plant, and there is nothing shy about it. The flowers are big, easily 18 cm long and 10 across, and candy-striped in bud. This plant carries four heads, each with over 10 flowers. One of them has flopped over the stone path linking the lawn to the Alfred’s Arches path. But I don’t do staking, especially not of such a plant. Luckily it has fallen across stones and in amongst daisies, creating a moment of great voluptuousness. In the top photo two younger stems can be discerned, the one on the left just pushing colour.

Crinum macowanii 2 Where it fell, the buds turned up again towards the light. Not a bad show from a little foundling of a wilding, no?




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