Tickseed and Ox-eye daisy

On this sunny summer’s day my choice is easy. So easy that they are almost weeds, Tickseed and Ox-eye Daisy are a mainstay of the early summer garden, and few combinations could be more cheerful. We often have them in huge sheets. Old Phineas dividing them and increasing his stock was one of my early lessons in large scale gardening. It seems (I have six books spread out around me – common does not equate obvious, especially when dealing with the Compositae) that my Tickseed is Coreopsis grandiflora with its bigger central boss and my Ox-eye is the standard Leucanthemum vulgare. But a daisy by any other name would be as easy….


2 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: NOVEMBER10 WEEK 3

  1. There is nothing common about the joy these lovely blooms offer to anyone with eyes open. Yes to dividing . . . oh, I have been lazy and lost large brush strokes of smiles like these. Love the combination. ;>)

  2. Carol, I’d rather not dwell on the opportunities for division and propogation I’ve let slip by… thanks for popping in.

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