Looking down the Beech Borders
 Roses in the Beech Borders
Looking up the Beech Borders

There is no doubt about it – this week belongs to the Beech Borders, planted with pink roses. There are lots of old fashioned roses, most of which we grew from cuttings, with the Damask rose Ispahan dominating at present. But you will also find Belle de Crecy,  a Gallica, Jacques Cartier, a Portland, Mme Ernest Calvat, a Bourbon and New Dawn, a climber from 1930. Other roses include more modern roses and David Austins like Gertrude Jekyll as well as two rather feeble little pink roses which I grew from seed. The Beech Borders reach down from the seat under the beech tree to the waterlily pond, where more roses climb into the small indigenous ‘blinkblaar’ tree, Rhamnus prinoides. Then the axis cuts across the valley and up the other side, where a swath of blue hydrangeas will later flower in a cutting through a forest of poplar saplings. You can see it here in a long blog on hydrangeas. Below is Ispahan. And in due course I will add more rose pics!



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