White azaleas from cottage

How to begin to share a mid-October walk in the garden with you… especially as I’ve not had too much opportunity this last week to enjoy it, so there were endless unexpected surprises this Saturday afternoon: roses coming on, irises in bloom, late azaleas – and leaves leaves leaves. But the winning shot was obvious. This set-piece view from The House that Jack Built was originally designed to be seen for as long as possible in the fading light on my few visits to the cottage when I still lived in Johannesburg. It was rather nice to chance upon it suddenly, rather than watch it come slowly to fruition as I did for several years whilst living permanently in the cottage. And last year I think it passed me by entirely: this was the last week of the seven week vigil by my mother’s side.


4 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC – OCTOBER10 WEEK3

    • All of that is white azaleas, Diana. The curve in the background as well. On the very right under the purple Japanese maple a few bright yellow azaleas can be seen, the only colour other than white and green (and red leaves)at this time of year. Later white hydrangeas take over, but never as dramatically as there are fewer of them!

  1. I do like the large blocks of white blooms. They almost look like snow. Sorry to hear about your mother, Jack. Lia’s father, the last of our parents, is also beginning to fail at 96 .. heart, lungs and especially short term memory are suddenly not reliable.

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