I continue to think azaleas, and then chanced whilst looking for material for another post on the following, which I posted at Mooseys on 1 Oct ’07. It had rained gently all of the previous week. Our spring, often harsh and hot, was kind that year, and the azaleas never looked better, before or since; there follows a selection of the photos I included in that post. 

I am satiated, saturated, sick with colour, drugged into a stupor, left floating on a cloud, overwhelmed. A walk in the arboretum  on the 1st of October after a week of rain must be as close to chromatic overkill as one can get. Did I really say once that spring on the mountain is overrated?

Dad among the azaleasAzaleas 3Azaleas 2 Azaleas 4Azaleas 5

Azaleas 10 Azaleas 6Azaleas 7Azaleas 9

Azaleas 3

Azaleas 8


5 thoughts on “COLOUR

  1. It still fascinates me that your fall is our spring! Those azaleas are truly stunning. We grow a lot of azaleas in my part of the world, and yours rival the prettiest I have seen.

    • Azaleas -and several other plants – either barely survive in most of South Africa or don’t grow at all. There are two small and one larger areas where they thrive – we are the middle one, size-wise.

    • I always say that my blog’s greatest virtue is that it is counter-seasonal to most other gardening blogs, Helen!

  2. Thanks Jack, your photography is superb as always! We are now enjoying the deciduous azaleas, and the buds on our sutsukis have only started to swell, so spring is far from over. A little moisture from heaven has gone a long way, and the soft smells, colours and textures are to be enjoyed to the full.

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