Spring on Sequoia consists of two separate and distinct events – a subtle greening and a flamboyant flowering.

The greening of spring - 10 Sep 2008 Only 30 hours separate these two shots taken in the second week of September 2008…

The greening of spring - 12 Sep 2008 Flamboyant flowers come in every shade and colour – but it is mainly the azaleas that attract attention with their massed displays…

Red azalea bush …and their often gorgeously clashing colours…

Rich clashes But the ‘all colour and no green’ combo does sometimes give a schizophrenic impression…

Panorama including The House that Jack Built However individual flowers have immense subtlety and beauty:

Amathysts! Flamboyant mauves Pink azalea Frills and flounces (All photos taken on Sequoia Gardens during September 2008)








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