Field of Senecio  polyanthemoides

As I’ve come over the rise in the road from the opposite direction these last weeks and seen the haze of yellow  where Senecio polyanthemoides flowers in a recently cleared bluegum plantation, I’ve known: this month I’ll at last contribute to Wild Flower Wednesday.* Ah, well… rather late than never. The pics were taken a week ago, if that lessons (later: the pedantic English teacher will eventually win…) – if that lessens my laxness ;).

Senecio close-up A weed of disturbed ground, I might just collect some seed, for it forms – remarkably early in the season – a wiry, substantial and well rounded bush (especially when growing on its own) with bright flowers that moves most effectively in the wind.

Traffic Here is one of those African moments we tend to take for granted and visitors find picturesque. Being near the tar, there is quite a bit of traffic on this part of the road.

*Wild Flower Wednesday, the 4th Wednesday of every month, was started by Gail of Clay and Limestone to celebrate Wildflowers in and out of gardens around the world – but especially IN gardens. Clicking on the pink lettering will link you to her blog – and to the background to WFW if you click on the first example. As I have by both intent and default many wild flowers in my garden, I will make a point of diarising the 4th Wednesday from now on!


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