I didn’t think that the first week of October was a rose week, but I am curious. At the very end of last autumn one of my garden helpers enthusiastically fertilised and watered the roses in Trudie’s Garden, then already all but dormant. I had a fit. There was some regrowth which of course got frosted. But the roses spent the winter dormant and well fed. This spring they are looking marvellous, growing away apace and already there are four open blooms. Other roses in the garden are looking positively sad in comparison to these. One often reads that plants planted in autumn become established before spring, their roots foraging away under the ground; could it be that dormant roses also benefit? Any comments?


4 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: OCTOBER10 WEEK1

    • That’s the way I’ve always done it, Diana. Let the roses rest. On the other hand hothouse roses from Kenya dominate the florist market year-round today and in the Lowveld roses hardly take a rest. Perhaps the frost stopped top growth and the feeding reinforced root growth… Fact is they look better than my other early August prunings!

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