Cornus florida rubra

I’m sitting by the window, supposedly marking. Tomorrow term marks are due. Outside spring has shifted into high gear. Sigh. I think a post is in order, and I’ve selected two pics from my spring 2006 postings to Mooseys. The first is a Cornus florida rubra of which I am very proud – they are scarce in South Africa, but wonderfully at home in my mountain climate.

The second is of the Italian pot, currently the focal point at the far end of the Rosemary Terrace, but soon also to be the focal point at the public entrance to the garden. A rethink is called for. The new entrance will be beneath the trees in the background. Currently the composition is in yellow-greens to be seen against the green of the Chinese maples (Acer buergeranum). Now an arch will be trimmed into the trees on this axis, so the background will largely disappear when seen from this side. More importantly, it is now the first feature seen by visitors – from the opposite side, so seen against the long stretch of lawn behind it. I’m thinking zebra grass to replace the Abelia ‘Francis Mason’ and a colourful bronze-yellow mixed planting of mainly annuals with Helichrysum petiolare ‘Limelight’ in the pot. Back to work now!

New garden entrance


One thought on “TWO PICS FROM THE PAST

  1. Jack, The dogwood “blossoms” are beautiful. Your frustration with having to be indoors marking papers when there is so much beauty in the garden resonated for me. Sometimes at the end of term in spring (early May here), I sit out on the patio to mark papers, so that when I look up from my students’ papers, I see flowers.

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