White watsonia

Quite the most exciting flower to me in this week of spring awakening (think sudden flushes of pink, mauve, red and white as blossoms blossom and azaleas – well – do whatever azaleas do) has been the white watsonia outside the main bedroom. It started to flower last week as I took up residence there. It is beautiful, and I have no recall of ever seeing it before. That is really strange, for a year ago I spent more time looking out this window than any other, for I was nursing my mother who lay in the room.

Watsonia whiteThe plant was there. Its bulk in the general composition of the view I well remember. But I was completely taken by surprise when it flowered white. So what colour was it before then? I have played with the idea from every angle. I remember the plant, I knew it is a watsonia; I do not recall its flower. My mother always had an off-beat sense of fun. I credit her for organising a bit of cosmic Alzheimer’s Lite.

About the rockery outside the main bedroom: it is a troublesome spot. The house is cut back into the hillside at this point. Facing slightly west of south (think north, up north!) the rockery is really only visible from the main bedroom, but there it forms the main view. It is constantly showered with eucalyptus leaves, making neatness nigh impossible. It receives little direct sun, and that always obliquely. It is always either overgrown with nondescript colonisers, or underplanted. It needs some dramatic treatment I think, but I don’t know what. But I’m tempted to put up colourful crafty panels of stained glass and mosaics and plant  acanthus and such like. On the other hand, a garden that chases you up and out to start the day is not a bad thing, now is it?




7 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: SEPTEMBER10 – WEEK2

  1. Do you see my header distorted? On my one computer all is normal, on the other the headings (home, about me, etc) have pushed the photo right down so that you hardly see the white writing of ‘Sequoia Gardens’ -very odd, and been thus for 48 hours. Please comment, especially if yours too has shifted! Thanks – Jack

  2. Hi Jack
    Yes header sqashed – no sign of Sequoia Gardens.
    Found this interesting as I have grown 3 watsonia from seed this year without any real idea of what they are like. I got the seeds from the Cottage Garden Society. I have the seedlings in the greenhouse as my books tell me the plant is tender. It will be interesting to see if they flower next year or maybe they have to get to a certain size before they flower

    • Thank you, Helen! Darn about the header. Yet another ‘job’ to fix it. Oh well. Not a major train-smash, just an irritation.
      Btw: I’m on twitter – JackSequoiaGdns
      Watsonias are on the whole not too tender – they grow in cooler mountainous parts and mine don’t suffer and we measure -5C and lower at times for short periods. Somewhere I posted on my orange watsonias – do a tag search on my blog. Watsonias are lovely plants, solid in leaf and in flower for weeks. I always mean to expand my collection… and my knowledge of them, as I id them only by colour! OK, just checked. There are over 70 species! Deciduous ones (mainly winter rainfall, Cape Peninsula area)can more easily be lifted but evergreen ones should not be disturbed once planted out for 4-5 years. Seedlings should flower in their 3rd year. If you have species details I could be more specific.

  3. Your header is fine on my laptop using Google Chrome. Hold your fire and see if it comes right tomorrow. The internet seems to have off days and recover. For all the world as if it was alive … but I guess it is just a bug that someone sorts out for us.

    • Thanks, Ginny! I was about to contact wordpress and ask them to look at this series of comments and solve the problem… Then I went into my blog and lo and behold: the problem had disappeared! Diana (Elephant’s Eye) was right: wait and see. Trust a matriachal elephant to know best 😉

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