First spring greens at Freddie's Dam

I went into the archives for this one, for I never got to my camera today, although I spent time down in this part of the garden. 1st September 2008, Spring Day. It looks much like this today, except that the whole area to the right of the jetty has been cut right back to stumps for the first time in many years over the last few days. The grey helichrysums were starting to look woody and tatty, and the water’s edge is also being cleared. Soon a fresher and neater  grey will form a foreground to the busy planting behind when viewed from The House that Jack Built. So there – a rather practical and drab celebration of Spring Day. But the scent of buddleja, of blossom, magnolia and sap rising, fills the air and expands the lungs. It IS spring alright!


4 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: SEPTEMBER10 – WEEK 1

  1. It always amuses me that your part of the world is entering spring as we are going into autumn, makes reading garden blogs very interesting. Have you come across John Grishaw’s blog – he is visiting S Africa at moment you might find it interesting

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