Dawn from the Big House

Dawn from the guest room of the Big House, where I finally moved to on Friday. The old four-poster I’ll be using in the main bedroom, made for a great-great uncle in the 1870s from Stinkwood and Yellowwood (THE South African woods!) is an heirloom piece, and being restored after 7 years in storage. The move is my excuse for missing my first ever weekly pic in week two – which just happened to be the 54th of the series. That plus being tired of the lingering winter… Late wintery defines the garden at this time. But in Johannesburg this weekend I felt the first stirrings of spring!


3 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC – AUGUST10 WEEK3

  1. Jack, I know you miss the views from the House that Jack Built, but it looks as though the views from the Big House are none too shabby either!

    • Jean, I like your description! 😉 They ARE lovely, and it was whilst nursing my mother last year that I realised they offered the same changing light and focus, and I made peace with the thought that I would one day move up here. Trailertrash Cottage (which I guess should now revert to being called The Plett!) lacks the long views, and there is some serious opening up needed to one side: a bit of gardening think-through I haven’t even started on yet…

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