rosemary flowers

After the lack of colour in my post on winter (see here) I had to prove to you that my garden is not devoid of flowers! There are several azaleas in bloom and I took some good shots. But the flower that always surprises me (and delights the bees) with its total lack of regard for late winter cold, is Rosemary. It is possibly the most widely used plant in my garden, as there are several hedges of it, both formal and informal, and they are now coming into full flower.

rosemary hedge

 Here is one, forming an informal barrier up against a low brushwood fence which separates the meadow in front of The House that Jack Built from the Cottage Garden. It was here that I took these close ups, in gloriously warm winter sunlight; I shall share  even closer close-ups, for I love the promise of the little buds shielding a succession of perfect blue flowers. And I love the way that Rosemary never blooms ostentatiously, but richly rewards close inspection!

rosemary flowers detail rosemary flowers detai 2l


4 thoughts on “AUGUST10 – WEEK1

  1. Thank you Carol! I’m doubly thrilled by your comment having just visited your glorious wild flower post with its great photographs!

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