Rose heps - Penelope

‘Penelope’ is my favourite rose. In fact, during the next weeks we will be taking the maximum number of cuttings from our existing stock. For next year “The Mothers’ Garden” will be laid out, commemorating Louis and my mothers, and there needs to be several ‘Penelope’ roses flanking the central path. But I also decided that this year I would not deadhead her, leaving the heps to mature in order to plant the seed. And what you see here is the seed about to be extracted from the heps. The heps are mature but not old, we have had quite a bit of frost… in theory these seeds should germinate easily. The only other rose near these two in the Cottage Garden at The House that Jack Built, is “Jacques Cartier’’ – and if they’ve chosen to breed, may the result be glorious. If they are self-fertilised: cay sera sera… In due course I will post on the results of this experiment!



2 thoughts on “JULY10 WEEK 4

  1. Over the years I’ve germinated quite a few, Jean, (besides hundreds of species rugoses which proved to be a menace amongst other flowers because of their suckering whenever the ground is tilled ;( ) but only one seemed any good and dear old Frans misunderstood my instruction to nurture it and trashed it instead. I still wonder about that rose 12 years on! *sigh* This time I want to be more systematic and orderly about it…

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