July10 week 1

Once the fire-breaks are cleared for the winter, general garden cleaning can begin. This year there is a huge amount of work in the arboretum – so much so that we will follow a thinning out and cutting back of ‘obvious’ cases, with a second sweep, removing some plants altogether and opening up vistas and altering densities. The arboretum is now mature; we no longer wait for it to grow – we cut it back. Such is life in the garden… As it is a hectare (2 1/2 acres) in size, it is going to be quite a job – especially to remove the cut wood and to turn it into mulch. This photo, taken on the wet walk on 29 June, will wait in cyberspace to be published – as early on 1 July I go off again for 4 days on Rotary work and then back to Samaria.


4 thoughts on “JULY 10 WEEK 1

    • Most firewood is gum, since we chopped out several lare trees a few years back… nice and dry now! But I will definitely save some wood for ‘special’ firewood – braais and such like.

  1. I’ve had a busy week in the garden myself, but I don’t have a hectare to worry about. Then again I don’t have any helpers either. What in the world would you do with that much ground without help?

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