I arrived home from Johannesburg in the rain. Rain is not typical in winter. But 12mm overnight washed everything clean and left the last colours of autumn – often just a rusty brown – and the bleached shades of winter lacquered. And so I took my new camera into the garden, to see how the winter clean-up had progressed in my absence and to take some snapshots of the gloriously fresh colours. Whilst in the arboretum two ducks flew in noisily, and they seemed strange – too large and too pale for our locals, the African Black Duck and the Yellow-billed Duck. You can see them in the distance here.

Upper Rosemary Border still interesting The upper Rosemary Border glowed, and I love it right through to this season, although I am looking forward to the late winter clean-up and cut-back, when I will add many more perennials.

Swamp cypress The Swamp Cypress on the Makou Dam is now fast shedding its cinnamon leaves, and the winter water is always greener than the warmer summer water.

Dogs at play The dogs, pleased to be with me after three days away, are also aware that the damp atmosphere is charged with excitement.

Leonitus flower heads The seedheads of Leonitus, which grows wild on the farm,  provide of the most dramatic winter texture in the garden.


And a hound runs by…

Rose and Spiraea Even roses can take on autumn hues –  seen here against spiraea

Where are the ducks I creep up on the ducks to try to ID them…

Ducks In the first picture they were right across the dam, and all I could say was that they WEREN’T the locals…

Ducks close-upBut even blown up, this photo is confusing. They look most like Egyptian Geese, which I know well – but they are too small and too pale. Yet the markings on the bill, the eye patch… They can’t be immature, as the patch over the eye develops on maturity; might they be hybrids? Any ideas?



6 thoughts on “DUCK WEATHER

  1. I agree, seeing the brilliant colors of fall, love those cinnamon hues! is unfair. The light, the clean, the ducks, it is all wonderful. Did you get to any soccer matches, by chance?

    • No soccor, Frances – but everyone I spoke to who saw matches agree that it is much more exciting live than on TV – if you remember your earplugs for the vuvezelas!

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