June10 Week 4

I am back on Sequoia after 10 days on the Limpopo. The sharp eyed might notice that there is no June week 3. It would have been an interesting photo, for that is when the first cold swept through. –2 was registered on my veranda, so temps down to –6 or more were possible at ground level. A cousin who came up to the Limpopo from Potchefstroom, a cold town on a river 500 km to the south of Sequoia, reported that a day max of 4 degrees was recorded. Unheard of! South Africans go into terminal decline if the day max doesn’t rise above 10 degrees. (All C, of course!) Well, that meant the end of the aloes. But we expect it. On only 3 occasions in 21 years did the aloes go full cycle without the cold getting to them. Most years we see some colour. When eventually I post on the aloes of 2010, you will see that half a display is better than nothing! So this morning (having arrived home after dark yesterday just as South Africa beat France 2-1 in the world cup and in my eyes come to the end of a very credible show-in) I went out to find  the lawns winter-white with frost and the aloes blackened and bedraggled – but still, in a rather intellectual way, beautiful.


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