JUNE 10 – WEEK 2

June10 week2

Not a pretty picture, this week, but very appropriate. The frost has started to take its toll, especially were the canopy does not provide some protection. This is a bed  grouping of Elephant’s Ear. (Colocasia sp. – any help in identifying them will be appreciated, the internet didn’t assist.) I grew them from a UK (Thames & Morgan?) packet of seed because they were advertised as a mole repellent. Well I don’t think they’ve repelled any moles, but they are of the few plants that give my garden a tropical feel. Until the first frost gets them, that is…

I find the changing biomass in the garden fascinating. Many but far from all leaves have fallen from the deciduous trees and shrubs. The remainder are tawny or clear yellow, rather than bright red or orange, but all shimmer and one sees the birds at work and play as you never do when everything is heavy with leaf. Now the cold starts to break down tissue and by August we won’t believe the lost lushness of summer any more, as the bones of the garden stand exposed.


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