IMG_5765 Immediately behind this point a rustic set of steps goes down to where the overflow pipe for the Makou dam empties into a pool and then gurgles down a furrow against the ridge before spilling over a waterfall and down into the bottom of the valley. It is a shaded spot, always with the sound of running water; one of the special spots in the garden, and one which we too seldom visit, and could do more with. Mateczka definitely thinks so! She stormed up and down on the crackling leaves, leapt in and out of the water and let the other dogs understand: this is FUN!

IMG_5742 IMG_5744
IMG_5750 IMG_5754
IMG_5747 IMG_5753
IMG_5759 IMG_5760

And I too found it fun to take my camera down there in mid afternoon, knowing that the walk might continue till sunset… I love the way the dogs at times are only blurs in these slow-shutter photos, taken with a tripod. And as you can see, Stompie tottered along gamely, but stood still to enjoy the ambience… she stayed with us for most of the walk, but eventually came home on her own to lie down on a soft blanket and await our return.

Autumn azalea This autumn’s clocks are out of line; some things are late, even very late, others are early. There are trees not turning because they think it is still summer, and flowers blooming because they think it is already spring… This azalea flowering against the russet leaves of a Prunus sargentii is a case in point.

Yellow deciduous azalea And this poor deciduous azalea thinks it is both autumn and spring! I can’t remember this ever happening before – but how lovely, even if the flowers are rather feeble.

Berkheya setifera Berkheya setifera is listed as flowering  Sep-Feb, and yet today I chanced across this colony growing wild in the arboretum, and looking even happier than I’ve ever seen this cheerful flower look before!

Berkheya setifera 2 The autumn of the azaleas

Here you can see its robust, hairy leaves as well; and then I couldn’t resist yet another shot of the autumn of the azaleas.

IMG_5791 IMG_5793

Frustrated attempts at photographing a VERY tiny flower… mainly because a certain puppy kept thinking that it was a great opportunity to lick my ears whilst I was down on my knees…

IMG_5792 …in the process all but sitting on the flowers… but after some harsh words…

Lobelia erinus …success!!! In fact, brilliant success, two of the best macros I’ve ever taken…

Lobelia erinus 2

And so here in all its minute glory I present to you…the wild form of the garden lobelia – Lobelia erinus! And although the walk is far from over, it is after one in the morning now – and so I think the post must end and the walk continue tomorrow!


  1. Jack, I am not ready for autumn yet, but I should admit that your autumn is beautiful! The azalea flower and the leaves of a Prunus look like they came from two different worlds. Lobelia bloom is a blue princess…

  2. I must admit, Tatyana, that I’m unsettled by the very different pattern this year… But then I’ve always enjoyed the unexpected!

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