May week 3

Cheating again (no, that is not all I do), but tomorrow I will be in Venda for a wonderful long-weekend in the veldt. We leave within the hour. So this pic of a late autumn sunrise, taken from the veranda of the Big House, is a day early. Meanwhile the pictures taken on a Sunday walk nearly two weeks ago await publication. I got 1/3 of the way during the week, then lost all ‘due to a technical hitch.’ It is a sign of my growing maturity that I did not even curse. But I’ll be back.

8 thoughts on “MAY10 WEEK3

  1. Such a gorgeous view … I’d love to spend a while on your verandah drinking in this spectacular sight!

    • Hallo Ellada and welcome. I am jealous; you can speak and even write three languages and two alphabets! Merci for visiting my garden!

  2. Jack, Sunrise has always been my favorite time of day, and this is a particularly beautiful one. Maybe someday I’ll achieve your level of maturity about technical glitches (but I’m not counting on it!).

    • Jean what I miss most about staying at my old house (The House that Jack Built) is watching the sunrise across the valley… the sun rises behind my house and washes my view across the dam, bringing spectacular reflections. Perhaps after a slightly disappointing autumn which was over much too soon, I need to raid the archives and post on my sunrises!

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