A quirky end to April. I had identified the white camelia near my door as this week’s topic, looked at it during the last few soggy days and wondered if I would get a pic, and then wondered if I would find time before I leave tomorrow for the Rotary District Conference to publish anyway… I was up at 2am, wide-awake. At 5.30 I decided on a snooze before getting up (does that make sense?); then, as I rose to go to bed (ditto), I saw the full moon setting. (No, no pun intended there.) And I thought, well, it’s not sunlight, but it’s better than nothing. And it explains why the last three cloudy nights have not been much darker than the last three cloudy days. And so, hand-held at 1/5th sec, but with a flash that syncs to 1/60th, here is the white camelia and the setting full moon. It looks rather christmassy, with red gumtree  bark streamers (groan; messy trees) and the odd bit of spanish moss adding to the decor. You can not see how exquisitely pure white and perfectly formed the flowers are. My favourite camelia. But at least I’ve managed to publish a weekly pic. Life is sometimes all about compromises.


white camelia by day


3 thoughts on “APRIL10 WEEK5

  1. I also love the shadows around the moon. Kind of steals the show in this shot -but why not? Sounds like Jack is keeping busy as always.

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