April week4

This week’s pic is a bit of a tease –  I intended some autumn colour, but I’m saving that for a longer blog. About time I do more than post a weekly pic – there has been a paucity of posts in April 😉 Instead this one does three things: the abundance of plumped-up moss testifies to the amazing late summer rains (this morning I visited the two large storage dams in our area: both overflowing this week for the first time in ten years!) Secondly, there is absolutely no sign of ‘gardening’ in this pic of my garden – everything here is the work of nature, from planting the tree to arranging the plants. Possibly a weed or two were removed within the area of the frame this summer. (If only the whole garden were this easy and weed-free!); and thirdly this pic continues my recent run of looking at endemic plants. This is Ouhout, or ‘’Old Wood’ – Leucosidea sericia. It is one of very few indigenous trees that grow on the farm. It grows near mountain streams and its presence has traditionally indicated that the stream is suitable for stocking with trout – a fish which prefers a climate colder than most of South Africa can offer. It is called Ouhout because even a quite young specimen looks gnarled and ancient.


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