first maple of autumn

One hundred frames exactly from this afternoons walk. None wonderful and the subject I set out to photograph  for this first week in April rather lacking in context… so the question was (which is what it should be every week anyway)… : which pic best shows what is happening currently in the garden? This one. Undoubtedly. It is the first maple to colour purposefully across the dam from The House that Jack Built. I bought it (as well as another to the right of the pin oak) as Acer pseudoplatanus. Which both ain’t. But they aint the same either – I think. Their autumn timing and colour differ too much, yet they come from the same source. My guess is A. cappadocicum, but guess is the operative word. No-one seems to know much about acers in Africa… Anyway – the strong reds combined with rich greens marks the start of autumn proper in my book. Till now it has been voice exercises and warm-ups. This is a melody!


2 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: APRIL10 WEEK1

  1. I have 2 Japanese maples. One with a variety name I cannot even find on the web. Not too happy here unless they get afternoon shade. But I do so love the leaves.

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