Up the garden path

This picture sprung at me as I sat on the steps outside my house with Doubly, my sentimental old Border Collie, just before setting off on a walk late on this hot-hot afternoon.

I love this path and the odd angles of the paving, done in black slate and red stock-bricks. To the left is Trudie’s Garden, the collection of mainly HT roses I planted for my mother. To the right a little double azalea blooms its heart out in late summer, only to repeat the performance in spring. Beyond the Sophora japonica tree – which also goes by the evocative name of Japanese Pagoda Tree – which has given me so much pleasure these last months filters the late sun.


8 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: MARCH10 – WEEK5

    • It’s actually a very practical path – the path to my front door! (Well, my only door) In the foregroud off-pic is a square slate terrace below the deck. Behind Trudie’s Garden is a path and more steps down to the apron around the Big House, which forms the furthest side of Trudie’s Garden. In the front is the driveway. Totally practical it-just-happened-this-way spaces, but I love them!

  1. I’m a big fan of mottled lighting on pathways and you captured that very well here. I also love the stone work. Interesting to see the way the organic lines of the stone join up with the geometrically uniform pavers. Looking good.

  2. Hi Jack,
    I can picture you and your border collie sitting together looking out at this lovely view! It does not look like I would picture a garden in South Africa. I’m vaguely familiar with ‘Sophora’, but can’t recall where I’ve seen it in the Bay Area or another coastal area.
    The rain and hail have stopped and our reservoirs are full! Saved from drought again for this year, with a lovely Spring underway.
    (Wanted to be sure that you knew that Bay Area Tendrils and my new site, Alice’s Garden Travel Buzz are one and the same plot on Blotanical – that’s where I usually connect with you, and read your posts.

    • Hi Alice, and thanks for stopping by. I must admit, March was such a hectic month that I lost track of many things – including your blogging. So I was wondering who this Alice was! I will explore where you’re at – you’ve obviously also been very busy!

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