Yellow roses - Anniversary Garden

Time to take a look again at the Anniversary Garden – laid out to celebrate my parents’ golden anniversary, it is a yellow-gold garden with blue-mauve-purple accents. The central path is flanked by a rosemary hedge and wisterias grow into the pergola.

Today we had our first ever visitors to the open garden: a local family who visit often; a family from Johannesburg who were the ‘official first ever visitors’ and were wonderfully enthusiastic; and a couple from Botswana. It is a long weekend in South Africa. Yesterday the Ebenezer Mile Swim took place, organised by our Rotary Club, and the village is abuzz with visitors. An article in our local quarterly newsletter, which appeared on Wednesday, alerted readers to the fact that Sequoia Gardens is open. Such is the wonder of modern communications that you can read the newsletter anywhere in the world should you so wish, because it forms part of our eponymous website www.mountain-getaways.co.za – you will find me on page 6.

Now I need to spend the rest of the day getting the marketing side of my blog updated. You’ll see changes in the header line below the masthead. Any comments on how I’ve gone about it – or should have! – will be gratefully studied.


4 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: MARCH10 – WEEK4

  1. Thanks for the virtual tour of the garden! I especially like the “vista” shots to get a sense of the grand scale of the site.

    How very exciting to be open to the public! Keep us posted on the amount of work i entails. Hopefully you have help!

  2. Congratulations Jack, on your first official visitors, the marvellous photos of your lovely garden, and the success of the friendly, atmospheric Ebenezer Mile, which you organized as chair of Rotary Haenertsburg.

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