March week2-0

After a spectacularly bad set of pics taken early this morning (the lens was really dirty!) I went out in the midday heat to recapture my weekly pic. It is of the view that greets visitors as they arrive, but taken looking down the drive rather than up it. The annual bed which featured so regularly in October is now a mass of self-sown zinnias, whereas the middle ground is mainly yellow and blue flowers amongst roses, with the white Japanese anemones really beginning to make a statement in the shade. Mateczka the Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy came out to see what I was up to…

March week2

The view from a little further back…

March week2-1


4 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: MARCH10 – WEEK2

  1. Hello, MotherNature – nice to see you around again. They are both of my favourite plants. And I’ve just thought: neither feature in my White Garden! Will have to fix that!!

    • Hello Lisa and Robb
      Your comment about climate is a bit like saying Haenertsburg’s climate is similar to the USA’s. We have nearly as much diversity in South Africa as the USA. Where I am we have summer rain and cold winters. But you’re right, there are similarities: compared to most continental climates, we don’t have the extremes of heat or cold, and in much of SA (not my area) we tend to be on the dry side.

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