impatiens sylvicola

Let me admit to cheating: it is nearly two weeks late to be posting this entry. I’ve not been near my blog, and the only remotely suitable pic I took that week – this one – was intended for another post; a post on the wild flowers currently flowering in my garden.

So: this is Impatiens sylvicola and its relationship to the common ‘Busy Lizzy’ we grow in shade is very clear, both in the flower and the seed. They love deep shade. My best ones grow below a shaded bank under a huge tree above the stream that meanders through my garden. I under-exposed and used ISO400 in order to get the speed up to 1/30sec, which is why the picture is grainy and quite dark despite some post-processing.

I now know why it is so similar to the common ‘Busy Lizzy’ (Impatiens walleriana): they  do not come from Mexico as I had thought, but from East Africa and Mozambique, which, at its closest point , is not much more than 160km (100 miles) away from us…

A last ‘weekly’ comment – late summer sees an increase in wild flowers about the garden again. It is always a joy to find the wildings!


2 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: FEB10 – WEEK 4

  1. This is a fabulous wild flower, Jack, and we were wondering where you have been! Glad to see you return to the blogdom. 🙂

    ps, thanks for the info about the rose seeds from the species, will give it a go!

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