Backlit Borders

“A weekly pic is just that,” I said sternly to myself, “ONE pic!” And so I decided to write a separate post on the various wild flowers currently in the garden, and stick to the weekly pic as a typical moment in the garden at a particular time of year…

What makes this charming but technically suspect picture typical? A walk is a late afternoon activity in February. It is hot and muggy; the rain has been slight these last two weeks, so things don’t cool down as often as one would wish. And so the enjoyment of the garden often includes slanting golden light. This is the canna bed below the Rosemary Borders, with the Makou Dam in the background. The foreground is in fact an embarrassing mess, further proof that both gardens and people are greatly improved by flattering lighting.

As for the wild flowers – watch this space! I have been very slow on the blog of late, and need to prioritise it again…


6 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: FEB10 – WEEK 3

  1. Hi Jack, you have certainly piqued our interest with these posts! We await the news of things to come and the big reveal! That golden light makes us long for fall, or summer and even spring, here in the northern hemisphere. Winter is dragging on, much colder than ever before, here in southeast TN. Your warm rich light is a tonic for us. Thanks!
    You asked about Blotanical, I believe Stuart is changing servers and will have it all up and running as soon as he gets it worked out, bigger and better than ever.

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