Time to take a look at the roses again. The second flush is at its peak. (Well, it should be; after a week of constant rain everything is looking more than a little sad, but the province’s large storage dams are filling up nicely and near Johannesburg there are floods, with the country’s 2nd largest dam at nearly 110%…) The above rose is, I think, ‘Pascali’, and proof that we DO need to look beyond ‘Iceberg’ when thinking of white roses. It grows in Trudie’s Garden, which is now just outside my front door.

Red flushing white rose

I am taking a look at this garden and its future. The roses were planted there to give pleasure to my mother close to home. But the overall effect is very 1960’s – leggy HTs and floribundas without underplanting to speak of, and some of the roses will do very well with the cannas at the entrance as I described recently. So what is the future of this area? Fewer roses, underplanted? Removal of all or most roses, and turning it into a kitchen herb garden? It is, in many ways, the best spot for a herb garden…hmmm….

PS: This was going to be January week 5’s entry: electrical problems since Thursday put pay to that. On Saturday, in the midst of a huge Rotary fundraiser, I was negotiating the installation of a new transformer by the municipality today, whilst I’m away in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Such is the joy of being a property owner ;).


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