David Austin Rose 'The Squire'

Time, I think, to stop and smell the roses.  There are many, but they are concentrated in the Anniversary Garden (yellows and mauves) and in Trudie’s Garden, a mixed planting of mainly HTs.  This is David Austin’s The Squire, as beautiful a red rose as you could find.  Unfortunately he is so heavy when wet – as he often is here – that his shoulders look like those of an exhausted yeoman rather than  a proud squire’s.  I’m pleased I added him to Trudie’s Garden, where various shades of red predominate.

home for now

Besides – this week I moved into what we affectionately know as ‘The Plett’, the original caravan-house we put up in 1981 and from which our first gardening forays took place.  It lies on the opposite side of Trudie’s Garden from the main house and has been used as guest accommodation since my dad and I each built our houses in 1989.  But it is time to develop tourism to Sequoia Gardens, and my house – Stone Cottage – with its gorgeous setting is the obvious first step in the provision of accommodation.  I’m also renovating and enlarging a little building behind the canna bed to be called Croft Cottage.  It will, in due course, feature in photographs and a page on staying here!


9 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: JAN10 – WEEK 4

  1. Hi, Sorry I’ve been missing your posts. I’m always a day late and a dollar short. The Squire retired early from my garden. Actually he was fired. His blossoms were stupendous but the foliage was a blackspot magnet. I’m guessing it needed a more conducive climate. You’ve got a gorgeous photo here.

    • For me he is no worse than many, Grace, and I tend – because of the scale of things – to look across the detail. I feed well so that roses can outgrow their problems, but have neither the time, the inclination or the money to spray for pests!

  2. Won’t you miss your Stone Cottage? Where will you live (no don’t answer). 30 years ago when we built in Camps Bay one of our neighbours built a story book stone cottage, next to the river, and surrounded by boulders of granite and sandstone. With indigenous trees which grew to hide the house. Bordering Table Mountain nature reserve. Until the house is sold, and ‘renovated’.

    • Oh I am certain I will sneak down midweek with my laptop from time to time, Diana! But it is time to start on the next phase of my life, and there is no space for regrets. If I want to keep the farm, it needs to start earning me more money. Simple as that… And clinging to the beauty you have created and keeping it for yourself is, I believe, on both a spiritual and a materialistic level, the best way to lose it…

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