Same process as last week, even same scene, although you’d be hard-pressed to believe it. No, I didn’t tire of the cannas and rip them all out and replace them with hydrangeas in full bloom! Rather the two massed plantings live side-by-side, incongruously rather than unhappily. But such is the power of photography that we can edit out that which we don’t wish to include – and I’m NOT talking photoshop here!

I remember these hydrangeas -we call them wild mopheads- growing in the shade ย on the other side of the old barn from before I was three. Here they stand in full sun on a western slope and they flower their hearts out, although the blooms don’t last as long as they do in less relentless heat. But they are vast and plentiful, and that makes up for their rather aneamic colouring. As with the cannas, my next post will be on my many hydrangeas in all their gorgeous richness. But these daddies first showed us that this really is hydrangea country!


13 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: JAN10 – WEEK 3

  1. Gosh Jack, what an image! And in full sun? The ground must be moist, I would guess, for both the cannas and the hydrangeas. A mass planting is a wondrous thing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Moist yes, Francis, although never irrigated, but we’ve had regular if relatively little rain this summer. And we are of course in the mist-belt, so the atmosphere is humid though not too hot. A good mulch of leaflitter in the whole area contributed to this year’s success story. But I have been amazed by those hydrangeas even when they were not cossetted.

  2. Well, I’m in hydrangea heaven. What a heart stopping display! I wish I could be there to enjoy them with you.

    • Noelle, this really is one of those ‘who would have thought it would work so well’ moments… we had simply propagated too many of the difficult-to-market ‘wild hydrangeas’ and so planted them out in this unpromising spot…

    • I don’t think all will respond this well – this basic pale blue one is super tough. But in your maritime climate it is surely relatively humid in the summer heat? Most people give their hydrangeas too much shade, and if you have humidity I suggest trying them in a sunnier spot if you are unhappy with their flowering.

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