As summer heats up, so do the cannas.  I like to use them in huge swathes with their wonderful leaves as the main attraction and the flowers as a bonus – to begin with; later they become a liability when they become tatty seedheads.  Here they are against the old barn near the entrance to the farm.  I have cannas with bright green leaves, yellow and green stripes, deep purple-brown leaves and the wonderfully multi-coloured ‘Durban’, also known as ‘Tropicanna’.   Their flowers are mostly a rich burnt orange or bright red, but there are creamy yellows and bright yellows and red/yellow combos.  Then there is a rather insipid (for a canna) pink which must be kept miles away from other cannas.  One of my favourites is the  tiny but very elegant species canna with rich red flowers, beautifully coloured stems and deep purple-brown seedheads.  Actually, I think a follow-up post on my various cannas is called for!

11 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: JAN10 – WEEK 2

  1. Jack this is a good one!

    I grew ‘tropicana’, aka ‘Durban’ in a large stone tub outside the front of the house last summer. They looked fine but these en masse look really something.

    We had 20 cms of snow here today. The themometre never got above zero. I’m very jealous of a south African summer right now.

    I look forward to your follow up post.

    All the best


    • The extent of the cold in the North IS quite amazing, Rob. As far as I knew the legal battle is fought and won. I know the defeated, but never discussed the matter with him. What I DO know is that I bought ‘Durban’ – mother stock of all my plants – years before he launched ‘Phaison’ with great fanfare as a registered plant and long before the legal battle started I made my opinions public. I did a google search on it some months ago and there is extensive coverage.

      Thanks for your enthusiasm. I think I will actively work on the follow-up today!

  2. Holy cow, that’s a lot of cannas. I love mass plantings. And I know from experience, these things spread a lot. I’ve wintersown a few this year. Hope to get some variety.

    • I’d like to hear the results, Tom. I was thinking yesterday, photographing the species seedheads, that I had never sown seed of the hybrids and wondered if it was viable – it never LOOKS as potent as the species!

  3. The cannas are set perfectly against your red barn – stunning! I grow tropicanna cannas because the leaves are wonderful, but I haven’t yet found the perfect setting in my garden. I have found that birds will eat the blossoms!

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