Gardeninggonewild have launched their latest photography contest, and throwing caution to the wind I have decided to enter – not because I’ve got prize-winning photos in my opinion, but because I do have prize-winning subject matter! Not surprisingly, the subject is ‘Winter’ – and in South Africa it is – as I’ve none to subtly been pointing out – summer. So I trawled through some old photos I took during the past three years. I’ve narrowed my search down to three possibilities. But which is the best, or the most suitable candidate to enter?

*IDEA!* Put it to my friends. Ask them to comment and suggest which they think is the best and if possible why. Ask for negative criticism too: why is a particular photo not the best candidate. After all, we are all much more subjective about our own work than other people’s. I look forward to hearing your opinion, and I thank you in advance for helping me to decide which photo to enter!

1 A wheelbarrow's winter

2 Winter sunrise

3 Ode to winter

35 thoughts on “WINTER IN AFRICA?

  1. Hi Jack! My favorite is the number three. I do like all of them. But I can feel winter in the air when I am looking at that one.
    The sunrise shot is majestic. The wheelbarrow pick tells me that someone stopped half-way and haven’t finished dumping the leaves :”Hey, it’s winter! Time for a break!”
    I didn’t read the GGW post and don’t know what do they want to see in the contest’ pictures. So, my opinion is not a recommendation (in other words, don’t beat me up for it). Good luck to you!
    I always remember my boys teacher’s words: If you had fun, you won!

    • Thank you, Tatyana! They were very unprescriptive, only giving winter as the title, so no risk to you 😉 “If you had fun, you won!” A teacher after my own heart!

    • Thanks Noelle! I agree with you, but I wanted to hear what others say. 2 is just a little artificial and contrived, even though it is only slightly enhanced off the camera: what you see is what I got, to alter the expression slightly. I wish I had the program to bring out the red in the wheelbarrow’s wheel and the yellow flowers. That could have made all the difference – even if it would then have been ‘artificial and contrived’!

  2. I love them all, and don’t think I can pick a favorite. I have a theory why the others like #3, though. I think it may be because the overcast sky makes it look more wintery.

    Happy New Year, and enjoy your weather!

    • Thanks for popping by, Sue – it is great to meet you!I think no 3 definitely is closer to most people’s concept of winter, although 2 in many ways comes closer to capturing what I love about winter in my garden. Thanks for your supportive comments! Jack

  3. No. 2 is lovely. I think if I mind myself in either No. 2 or No. 3, I would sit down, meditate and do Pranayama forgetting the rest of the world! Great photos.

  4. Yep, number three. I used to live next to a small pond where I grew up, so to me, Number 2 gives you a good sense of approaching winter. The third one just radiates cold air. Beautiful images all around though.

    • Thanks, Tom. Interesting thing, language: where I come from “a small pond” would be something under 2m long in the garden for fish and water lilies. I will be the first to agree that pond is the better and more beautiful word, but in South Africa what I look out onto is called a ‘dam’, and it would be considered frightfully pretentious to call it anything else. I know. I’ve tried…

  5. (BTW See here, if you click on Photography and Processing, you can see what you have already told us. Then your new post goes somewhere, and avoids repetition or contradiction. Not that u did, or do. Tags can be useful. If u use them!)

  6. Hi Jack, how fun! While all three are terrific photos, number two, winter sunrise made me gasp with delight. That seems a good enough reason to chose it, don’t you think? Good luck with the contest. 🙂

    • Hi Frances and thanks for responding! Must admit: I and most respondents chose 3 not 2. But I’m still adding up the tally!

  7. Well, I like all three. I like the wheelbarrow, because it say a lot about gardening in winter – I’m tired, time to rest! But the other two are just beautiful to behold. #3 looks most wintry. Your pick!

  8. I’d say #1. Anyone can do a lovely landscape, but how often do rusty wheelbarrows make their appearance in such a sexy way? I know I sound silly, but the handle of the wheelbarrow leads the eye perfectly and the rust color contrasts so vividly against the background. The wheel doesn’t follow the “rule of thirds”, but I’m finding myself resting on that photo the most.

  9. Oh dear, let me amend my comment. Not Everybody can do a landscape (I would be the prime example), and yours are very lovely- however I find myself attached to the wheelbarrow. Good luck!

    • Christine, you sure have put the cat among the pigeons – although I must admit, placing the wheelbarrow on the shortlist related closely to your line of thinking. Had I the photoshop facility to lift the red of the wheel a tad, I might even have had it as my first choice. Perhaps I should play some more… Anyway, thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

  10. Jack, I just saw your entry and while the wheelbarrow image has a lot of appeal, I also like the one you chose. I’m glad I was able to track you down this way! I really enjoy your blog. I have a client who is originally from South Africa so I love the chance to see your part of the world this way.

  11. It’s funny, but I’ve never really thought about winter in South Africa. (I guess because you don’t have snow.) #2 is a gorgeous photo, with the rising mist of the colors, but it says “autumn” to me more than winter, so I’d have to say #3, which conveys the mood and starker beauty of winter. Although the wheelbarrow shot is great too.

  12. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment! Because our winters tend to be sunny they are often more cheerful looking than some summer days…

  13. Hi, I know you already told the folks at GGW Number 3, and that is the one I would have chosen for you to enter. This one speaks winter to me, the second one is wonderful but it could almost be any season to my eye, except possibly summer.

    The wheelbarrow photograph is an interesting subject, beautiful and well composed, but I have to say that my reaction to it is not very positive. This has a lot more to do with me than it does with you, as I am a rather obsessive compusive person and to leave a wheelbarrow half empty and resting that way would just absolutely drive me nuts if it happened in my yard! That picture makes me want to step in there, empty the barrow, and then rest it properly upside down somewhere so it won’t collect moisture and rot out. Obviously, this has nothing to do with the actual photograph!

    Good luck in the contest. I think you made the right choice.

    • You’re so right about the wheelbarrow. The implicaion that it had been abondoned for the winter was just too strong! In fact it was the similarity in colour and texture between the dead plants and the barrow that made me rush for the camera. I did work at reddening the wheel, but it added nothing. The ‘feel’ was just wrong! Thanks for popping round and your comments! Jack

    • Hello, Helen, and thank you for visiting my blog! I guess by your standards it was not cold – it is unlikely to have been less than about 12 degrees Celsius, most likely more. (But don’t tell anyone or I might be disqualified!) Good luck to you – another gold in GGW’s “Picture This” will really prove something!

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