How to end the year, other than with yet another hydrangea? Perhaps a dense mass of varied leaves? “mebalabala ya botala” is the phrase I learnt this week in Sepedi, the local vernacular: ‘many colours of green’. But thinking back to the days when December was the time I came to the farm on holiday, and the gardens weren’t nearly what they are now, I set out this afternoon to photograph a little wilding that grows in the cool shade of the forests and pine plantations and demurely displays its soft blue flowers at this time of year. It is called Thunbergia natalensis and is related to the Black-eyed Susan, a well-known little creeper with a black centre and an orange or yellow face. This one is an upright herb with a prominent calyx, which, together with the bottom of the leaves, is covered with soft hairs. Yet when you compare the flowers you can see that they are related.


4 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: DECEMBER WEEK 5

    • Hello Tatyana and Season’s Greetings to you. You should have seen the leaves I cropped! Worse than any plants in my garden, I’m pleased to say. But we live with the fact that in a large country garden in a warm climate there is huge growth and huge consumption. I think of the birds and the mongooses I see in my garden who in turn eat those insects.

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