‘Bobbeltjies’ they are called in our family – ‘Little Baubles’, and how appropriate that I thought to feature them this week, because it was only whilst processing the pic that I saw the Christmas connection!  The diminutive is important.  The water drops give a sense of scale – each bauble is less than 2mm or about 1/16in. across.  The flowers are so small that I’ve never seen a petal with the naked eye – but they can just be identified bottom right.  The flowers are pink, the seeds ripen quickly to orange and then black. I have no idea what the plant is called, and whether it is considered a weed by some.  (Any suggestions?)  All I know is that to me it has always been a symbol of a happy garden, this willing little plant that makes so much impact with its small flowers and seeds daintily carried above bright green leaves.  It finds its spot and compliments whatever might be nearby, the epitome of the welcome self-seeder!


11 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: DECEMBER WEEK 3

    • I agree, Noelle! And small and simple as they are, they still manage to look like jewels even when dry and surrounded by impressive flowers.

  1. Thanks Jim and Grace – you are right! I did a Google search and on the wonderful Dave’s Garden (what an encyclopaedic site!) I identified it for sure. Perhaps I have a slightly weedy version, or perhaps there is a commercial version on steroids. Anyway, this pic shows it pumped up like mine could never be: http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/showimage/63408/
    And what lovely names it has: Jewels of Opar, Fame Flower (Talinum paniculatum)
    Darn, my little plant I thought others might think a weed is called FAME FLOWER! Hay hay little flower!!!

    • Yes, they are almost schizo with their robust foliage and delicate flowerheads – or perhaps one should just say ‘in good company’, thinking of plants like heuchera!

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