The inside front and back covers of Clive Nichols' book show the twin borders at The Old Rectory near Reading in summer and in winter.

A post in which the garden photographer Clive Nichols shares his skills set me thinking, or to be more precise, set me salivating… And I decided to share my enjoyment on my blog. I’m definitely not paid to do so, and if this reads like advertising copy, forgive me: it is pure enthusiasm for the way in which he captures the beauty within beauty!

It is the going back to the gardens in other seasons that I really envy!

Clive Nichols is one of the UK’s most famous garden photographers; in fact one of the world’s great photographers in any genre I believe. He recently contributed a guest blog at Landscape Juice Network, a gardening network aimed mainly at UK Landscapers to which I belong. It is well worth exploring at You will find his contribution at

Clive in fact has his own webpage, which I remember first finding years back whilst trawling the web. Visit it at   even if you do nothing other than stare at his home page for a few minutes – and I promise you there is much more to see!

Do you also find photographing white plants in a dark setting difficult? Nichols gives advice: I should read it again!

I remember reading about him in ‘The Garden’, the magazine of the Royal Horticultural Society even before  I discovered his book ‘Photographing Plants and Gardens’ (ISBN0715301357).  It is from this book that I have copied my pictures (“For what is the use of a blog without pictures?” said AliceAnastasia…) I have owned the book for nearly 15 years.  It is still my most important reference on garden photography!

The post on Landscape Juice is about winter garden photography - go take a look at it and drool...

Ask me who I most wish I were… I guess Clive Nichols comes pretty high on that list. Not only for his ability to find the perfect composition, the perfect lighting and then photograph it with the perfect camera – perfectly.  But because he spends so much of his time visiting perfect gardens!



  1. Thanks for this, Jack. I am a huge Clive Nichols fan, after seeing a magazine article in Horticulture about his home and garden. He is very inspiring. I will check out ALL the links. 🙂

    • I often wonder how many hours a photographer of that caliber lies waiting for the exact moment… and how often they are disappointed with what comes out of the camera. Or do they always have full control?? I doubt it very much.

  2. Stacy Bass is a garden photographer who left the following comment on my ‘About’ page. She makes such a wonderful contribution to this discussion about garden photographers that I paste it here. Go visit her site – it is awesome!
    So happy to have discovered this blog today. I, too, love Clive Nichols’ work. I am a garden and botanical photographer as well– based in Connecticut, USA. Speaking of winter gardens, I have a feature out now in the current Garden Design Magazine which showcases the spectacular winter garden of Gerard Pampalone in Fairfield, CT. You can view this and more garden work on my website at and through this link:

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