Serious cheating – this is more of a photo essay.

I picked Frances of Fairegarden’s brain about her wonderful pics and found out that her camera is not too fancy: the same as mine but 4 generations more advanced. The quality of her pics has more to do with getting the light and everything else right than with technical know-how or equipment. So I could and should  go out and do better than I’ve been doing!

At the end of a cloudy day I took my camera and tripod to the Rosemary Borders.  As the sun sinks low in the west on such a day, it might break through the clouds which often don’t extend across the much drier plains to the west of us.  The light can be spectacular; today was merely adequate. And so to the subject of this week’s pictures…

So this week’s pic – or perhaps it should be pick! – is of the penstemons in the Upper Rosemary Border. I love them with the species rugosa rose and ‘Antony Waterer’ spiraea; the colours are identical but the plants so different. I love them against the hummocky shapes that dominate this bed, and I love the mauve and pink varieties together.

We move down to the Lower Rosemary Border for this shot. This bed was originally planted with scatterpacks, and I want to get back there, but it is currently more of a grow-on bed for Canna Durban (Tropicanna) and my indigenous orange poppy which featured a few weeks back in the weekly pic. Here Durban grows with the California poppy.

We move lower yet to the Makou Dam. I love this year’s ferns and last year’s oak leaves against the water.

Finally – the sun breaks through beneath the clouds as it sets.


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