My first sight as I woke this morning: the icon of my garden, the bridge, washed in the clean early sunlight of a summer morning after rain. Woken by the Piet-my-vrou cuckoo calling anxiously for his wife. “Peat may frow” – Pete my wife. Why his wife has a man’s name, and where she’s got to that he has to call for her so incessantly through the heat of summer has worried me since I was a little boy,  but I don’t think he trusts her in the balmy holiday weather of high summer…


8 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: NOVEMBER WEEK 5

  1. Thank you so much, Jim! I must admit that I find my subjects often better than my photographs, especially when I look at the fine work on other people’s blogs!

  2. Mr. Holloway…!

    Your garden and blog are beautiful.. How I miss that area!!! And this bridge will always remind me of you, the mountain, and Stanford. Do you remember that painting I did of the bridge in Autumn?

    Hope you are Happy and Healthy!

    Much love

    • Hi Jessie! Great to hear from you – what a lovely surprise! I do remember the painting well – do you still have it, or did it not make the trip to South America? How are you, and how is life turning out for you out there? Hugs!

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