The Cottage Garden path that is. Not terribly inspired photographs, I’m afraid. The day was hot and muggy, the light bright but without contrast. I over-compensated, darkening by an f-stop too far. And I only have photoshop 4. My camera is  disappointing me. My computer screen could do with a good wipe, which might improve the pics. *thought* Perhaps I’m being a little grumpy? But I have a desire to share and so, internet willing, here are a few views of the Cottage Garden.

Three narrow stone paths cut through the Cottage Garden, so that it is never more than 2.5m wide. Negotiating these uneven paths with a tray full of teacups or drinks on the way to sitting out under the oak is an interesting way of dicing with death. This path leads from the front door towards the road. The road in turn leads past the waterlily pond and the Makou Dam in front of my parents’ house before swinging up along the Long Border to the entrance.

This is the view across the path, which is visible to the left. On the right my cottage can be seen. This grassed parking spot is the coward’s route down to the oak tree.

A pleasing mix of foliage rather than flowers characterises this spot at the moment. I added a good strain of the little wild white campion, Silene undulata, which was growing in the veld some years ago, and it now romps through the garden like a child at a party. When it gets too boisterous or starts to collapse on everything, I get strict and pack it off to bed. The next spring it returns. The bird bath is a lovely terracotta one, which suffered a friendship-ending fate when the neighbour dropped a branch onto it many years ago in Johannesburg. The glass bowl was an interesting replacement. The whole thing needs leveling – the bits in it all help to distract one (or were put there in the hope that they would)  from its leaning ways. The birds like the bits and don’t seem to mind the angle…

These last two pics show the plants on either side of the path in more detail; the bird bath is just to the right out of sight now. The green rod referred to in a post some days back did, indeed, turn out to be the orange Watsonia, W. pillansii, which is indigenous to our area. And in fact it DID grow there last year too – but not as tall and torch-like!



  1. Hehehe, Deborah! If that was all it took I’d have you over in a shot AND carry the drinks down – the safe way, so as not to disturb the occasion!

  2. I love your Cottage Garden! What a beautiful garden you are blessed to live in….

    I love the textures of the different plants along with the contrasting colors of the foliage. Please continue to post photos of the garden, Photoshop or not ;0)

    • Thanks Noelle! But I do want to make work of ‘widening’ my blog and improving the quality of the posted pics, even if it will slow down the download time. Not to mention that I’m wishing for a better camera AND photoshop…

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