This is the view from my home. What justifies its  choice as the pic of the week is that after 120mm of rain (5 in) the last two days, it is the only shot I got from my non-waterproof camera. Jokes aside, as the colourful early summer settles into the lush green growth of high summer, the rain often dictates the nature of our activities: potting-on in the carport today, for instance. And the view from inside of rain on the water – now much browner than before – of  branches hanging heavy with moisture, of the bridge darkly wet and  the first hydrangeas ghostly in the gloom is a standard November week 3 image. And that after all is the purpose of this series.; a chronicle of a year in the garden with 52 pictures.


2 thoughts on “WEEKLY PIC: NOVEMBER WEEK 4

  1. ‘a chronicle of the year in the garden in 52 pictures’ that sounds like a very good idea Jack. Can I join you next year?

    • Diana I started on a random date; July week 4, I believe. A year is a year no matter where it starts 🙂 I am doing it as much for myself as anyone else. I think it is a great blogging idea! Go for it!

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