Weekly pic: October week 2

Last rays

This view from my mother’s sickroom has only a tenuous link with the theme of this weekly series:  “the seasons in my garden”: today was ridiculously hot, the first really hot day of the season. We found an electric  fan. We found lighter clothes than her pajamas. We opened all the sashes  in the bay window where she sat in her recliner… and then as it grew cooler (as it always does late afternoon on our mountain), we looked out at this glorious sight, and a minor but ambitious photographer took this photograph with a versatile but inadequate camera…


17 thoughts on “Weekly pic: October week 2

    • Hi Deborah! The word isn’t ignorance, it’s curiosity, and that’s why all of us are here, so there is NOTHING to forgive! 😉

      It is Sophora japonica, the Japanese Pagoda tree, a lovely rounded tree with compound leaves and panicles of lovely but not very showy white flowers carried at the end of twigs in late summer. We are very pleased that we planted it, and nothing else, just there in our ignorance 25 plus years ago!

  1. Sophora, hey? I”ve hankered after some South American Sophoras for a while now. I have a very small one, barely a stick really, which has the finest little circular leaves arrayed oppositely. No flowers yet but I’m expecting yellow tubular ones. I’ll have to go look at the tag to see which one it is.

    I’ve heard of Japanese Pagoda trees but haven’t seen any and surely did not know it was a Sophora. Nice looking red bark and all the nicer with what look like patches of lichen or moss. Does it have interesting flowers?

    • Hi Mark!
      Flowers are low-key to interesting, although forming quite substantial panicles on the tips of branches and being plentiful; it’s like the tree has blonde highlights… Bark is nicely fissured brown – the afternoon light was quite golden that day. It is one of those low-key trees that defines ‘tree’ and is always lovely. Will look for a pi in flower – and meanwhile look forward to seeing yours. When do you start blogging? 😉

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