Doing the can-can

A rather random choice… I’m busy collecting pics for extended posts, but not getting around to preparing them. Inevitably subject matter jumps at one that in no way relates to the theme. Here is one such, with an accompanying thought and an introduction.

Doing the can-can

Mushrooms, especially large ones, are a sure sign that the wet season has arrived. And it has been wet – not dramatically, but constantly, with regular mist and occasional drizzle. All a little early, as 10 October is the traditional start of the rainy season.  We’ve had summer patterns all over the country for two weeks now, and the story goes that early rain means drought later in the season. More scientifically the developing El Nino supports this probability. Luckily we go into the summer with our local (government) storage dams near full and with one of the highest winter rainfall figures ever on the farm. Still, no South African, not even us on our green and misty mountain, lives without the nagging fear of a coming drought in the back of the mind…

Introducing Abbey, or Abigail: -the tiny dog (interesting perspective here) running towards me as I lie with my face on the ground looking under the can-can girl’s skirts, and presenting Abbey with an obvious welcome for a cuddle. Abbey is nothing if not enthusiastic. She is tiny, a very cross-Jack Russell and I have known and loved her since a few minutes after she was born. From the beginning she was the puppy I would keep, and she is one of the most spirited dogs I have ever known. By day she works hard, moving with the staff as they go about the farm, but at night she comes home and becomes a lapdog of note. She is one of four dogs I own. Her father is my beloved but impossible Monty, about whom I will write in another post.  Her mother was a surprised looking passing beauty, Dr Zeuss’ idea of what a miniature Red Setter might look like; a lovely dog.

Here is another picture of Abbey, sunning herself on  a pillar on her day off. Her tail, usually jauntily curled through 400 degrees, is not out of focus: it’s beating a welcome, or perhaps an invitation to a walk…



3 thoughts on “Doing the can-can

  1. What a gorgeous sweet puppy! Whew. Too much cuteness for one morning. And the mushroom looks awesome, we forage every summer and fall and marinade and freeze tons.

  2. Hi Jack. Abbey is looking good bathed in all that sunlight. I’m just about to put your site on my favorites bar so I don’t take so long getting back here again.

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