Weekly pic: September week 4

Wisteria arbour

I know I know I know my last two posts were also about the Wisteria Arbour, but of all the myriad flowers in my garden at the moment – blossoms, azaleas, rhododendrons and even the first roses, it is the wisterias that give me the most pleasure!

I peered through Alfred’s Arches to get this view, photostitched from two vertical shots. It helps give some idea of the unusual shape of the arbour. Talking of arbour – I’d been wondering what the difference is between an arbour and a pergola. Then the October issue of  Fine Gardening arrived all the way from America. (www.finegardening.com) There Brady Halverson explains that an arbour is like a doorway, a pergola is like a ceiling and a trellis is like a wall. How simple! That definitely makes this an arbour, even once the wisterias have grown to cover the structure more fully for, as he explains, “An arbour with a deep passageway adds to the sense of arrival that comes with passing through it, comparable to arriving in a home through a foyer rather than simply entering a door.” That helps me to understand why I enjoy this design so much!


10 thoughts on “Weekly pic: September week 4

  1. Jack,

    Very much enjoyed your blog and photos. The Japonica you showed in an earlier post was the most beautiful color. I am all for the flashy colors, no subdued colors for my garden.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate the comments. No, Rosey Pollen is my pen name. I revealed my first real name in a meme a while ago. It is Camille, but the name Rosey just stuck when I started blogging.And I don’t even grow roses. I have plans to purchase some canadian roses though, that might survive our winters.

  2. Your arbour/pergola/trellis (well there are aspects of each) is still a big favorite of mine. I, like Camille, do not have it in my garden but enjoy seeing and smelling it when I can. I’d be interested to see some close-ups of the ‘trunk’. I understand they can really become substantial and they have a driftwood sort of appeal in their twistedness and gnarliness. (Here I feel like I’m waving the red cape at your inner english instructor. I do enjoy taking liberties with this language of ours.) I’ll be content if your next three posts feature more Wisteria.

    Warm regards,


  3. Hmm. I have a pergola that is also an arbor, I guess, since it serves as both doorway and ceiling. Oh wait, it also has a wall feature.

    I love this picture, it truly has a great angle and the angular form of the arbor is interesting juxtaposed with the curving path. I can just imagine how you struggled to get just the right angle, after I have been struggling with my own garden this week. . .

    Good luck in the GGW contest, this is a worthy entry. IMHO

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