More from the Anniversary Garden

This morning early I took my camera off to the Anniversary Garden again – my head full of good intentions for the coming summer after writing last night’s post…

Wisteria arbour

This view gives some idea of how the bays of the arbour thrusts forward from the narrow central one. It is constructed from sequoia wood harvested on the farm. There is a reed fence along the back of the arbour, and a double gate (of which only the right-hand part is visible) in the middle. Steps on the cetral axis lead down to the curved path below the arbour. The rosemary hedge along the central axis path can also be seen.

Wisteria and iris

Originally the two side paths that divide the ‘rectangles’ either side of the central axis into triangles were lined with mauve and yellow irises. The moles (more correctly mole-rats) had a field day. Removing the wilting leaves after they had chomped the risomes became a disheartening twice weekly task.   Anyway, my mom complained that she battled to get to her roses, and so the remnants were removed, leaving only a few below the arbour and in the long narrow bottom bed.So it gave me great joy to discover this iris coming into bloom this morning!


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