Wisteria in the Anniversary Garden

I laid out the Anniversary Garden for my parents to commemorate their 50th wedding anniversary – it  lies below a tall wisteria arbour (the building of which was more difficult than my house!) and contains gold and mauve roses. Here is a photo taken in the last rays of the sun in November 2007 to show the mix of yellow and gold roses.Anniversary Gdn Nov 07

Truth be told, many of the roses have been unsuccessful and the garden is due for a major rethink, with the range of plants in the two outer beds being considerably extended, but continueing the mauve and yellow theme using shrubs and perennials and self-sowing annuals. The two central beds, flanking the rosemary-lined path, need a bit of tweaking only. Most successful have been the David Austin roses Molineux and Graham Stuart Thomas, Amber Queen and a marvellous new rose marketed as “South Africa”  here ( KORberbeni) – one of the most trouble free roses ever.

But at this season, with the roses still pushing their new shoots,  it is the wisteria that dominates, and it is these photo, taken today, that I really want to share with you. The first gives an overview of the garden. The arbour is long and narrow with a rounded edge on the garden side making the centre substantially narrower than the edges. There is a central path lined with rosemary and from the edges of the arbour paths lead down to the focal point at the end of the central path, thus dividing the garden into 4 triangular beds. It is a successful design and a potentially successful garden, but there is a vast amount of tweaking and improvement of maintenance needed before it will come into its own…

Wisteria in the Anniversary Garden

Wisteria arbour

Just for the hell of it, here are a few more archive photos of the Anniversary Garden, starting with Buff Beauty grown against the reed fence under the arbour, seen through Veichenblau, the subject of the next photo. This old rambler is remarkably close in colouring to Rhapsody in Blue which is planted in the two central beds. This marvellous new rose has unfortunately not proved vigourous in my wet climate and sandy soil. To end with – the robust rose  we call South Africa.

Buff Beauty

Veichenblau, closest in colour to Rhapsody in Blue, is an old and stronggrowing rambler

South Africa


6 thoughts on “Wisteria in the Anniversary Garden

  1. I think that it is wonderful that you designed a garden for your parents 50th wedding anniversary. It reminds me of Roy Strong’s The Laskett. He was always designing sections of his garden for special occasions. The garden looks lovely as it is, and that wisteria, gorgeous!

    • Hi Deborah – somewhat belatedly! Most of my imortant garden areas commemmorate a person or event… I think a post (or 5 or 10!) on the subject is/are called for! “The Laskett” is one of the gardens I would love to see, although I expect not to like it as garden, although I know I will love the theatricality underlying it… just as I will love “Little Sparta’s” intellectual pretensions 😉

  2. What an awesome tribute!

    Oh, that an Anniversary Garden would appear for our fiftieth anniversary, but I’ll have to do it myself. There’s just time to get a good start toward it.

  3. Thanks to everyone! Jean there are two tribute gardens behind schedule – my own 50th (3yrs) and my brother’s (1 yr). Both are planned in detail, My sister’s 50th next Nov is in the planning stage. Hopefully by then all 3 will be in progress, plus my mom’s memorial garden which is central to my current thinking (very exciting!) as I nurse her…

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