Weekly pic: September week 3

Spring is definitely here! Blossoms multiply and all over trees are in leaf. The oaks have limy green flowers and are buzzing with bees. Again I cheat, with two photos this week – one a detail of the other.

Spring view from front door

The view into the arboritum from my parents’ front door, with azaleas and blossoms making their spring statement. I am so pleased that I planted sparaxis, an indigenous spring bulb, in the two pots at the entrance this year. We’ve always had miniature or pot roses there, moving them to open ground every year or three. Roses would not be making a show now, and my mother gets endless joy from these flowers, close enough for her to enjoy when we wheel her into the sun for a few minutes…



3 thoughts on “Weekly pic: September week 3

  1. Thanks, Tatyana! Yes, they are rather special pots. They were a house-warming present to my parents from my late partner and myself when their house was completed 20 years ago. The various pairs of roses that have occupied them form an edging to my mother’s rose garden now, outside the living room window. 5 sets of roses, the last (6th) lot having been discarded completely as they had become very puny. So that is an average of just over 3 years per set of roses. And you know what? I’m going to replace the sparaxis with ‘Ocarina’, the original choice and still our favourite! Ludwig’s, SA’s top rose nursery describes it in their latest catalogue as ‘still the best miniature’. (Varietal name: ocaRU – in case it is known by a different name in North America)I remember Ludwig himself recommending it to me 20 years ago!

  2. Spring!!!!! Spring is my favourite season, I think because winter is sooooo long.
    I am going to enjoy experiencing spring again through your blog.
    I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but I also love those pots.

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